Novice Group

  • If you have no prior motorcycle track experience you must register in the Novice group. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • This group is designed for street riders, newer track riders, and those seeking a bit more relaxed pace.
  • Instructors will accompany riders on all track sessions and your instructor will supervise you throughout your day.
  • You will learn how to enter and exit the track safely, and the meaning of all flagging communications.
  • During your classroom and on-track sessions you will learn the racing line, the proper use of the throttle, braking, gear changes and selection as well as basic cornering techniques and body positioning.
  • Everyone rides at his or her own pace with an emphasis on fun and learning.
  • All Novice group riders must attend all classroom sessions and ride within their group.
  • This group is divided into several sub-groups based on skill level. This allows for many differently skilled riders to enjoy this group. You do not have to graduate from Novice until you feel comfortable.

Intermediate Group

  • This group is for people who have enough experience to feel comfortable at an accelerated riding pace at a race track
  • Riders in this group will be focused heavily on body position, setting up for turns, the racing line, and advanced throttle/braking control.
  • Instructors will be available. Please always feel free to ask them for help. They are there for you.
  • Safe passing is permitted anywhere with a 6-foot minimum safety cushion from ANY direction of the bike being passed.
  • The track tempo is intermediate to fast.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Riders in this group must wear a back protector and no licensed expert racers are permitted in the Intermediate Group unless cleared by Ride University staff.

Advanced Group

  • Intended for the club racer or very accomplished track rider.
  • You will gain valuable track time preparing for your next race, or just enjoy further refinement of your riding skills.
  • The pace is fast and there are no restrictions on safe passing.
  • Riders in this group must be comfortable passing and being passed in very close proximity to other riders and at high speeds.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Riders in this group must wear a back protector.

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