The RideUniversity core curriculum will be the foundation of what each on track group’s classrooms will teach. Your instructors will create a step by step approach to learning and practice each element of the Ride University curriculum.

Our core skills are basic but powerful. The skills we use on the track have been tried and tested by racers across the decades and include:

  • General body position on your motorcycle
  • Correct body position to help your motorcycle turn
  • Using body position to increase your grip level and motorcycle stability
  • Understanding the racing line
  • Getting the most from your line choice
  • Picking the correct line
  • Increasing traction with your line choice
  • Advanced vision techniques
  • Advanced braking techniques
  • Throttle application exiting turns

Most importantly, we don’t keep you crammed in the classroom all day. Our classroom sessions are quick information and demonstration periods. We get you the information you need and get you back on track to put it into practice.

After your session, stop on pit lane with our extended staff coaches for post-ride downloads and get your mind ready for more learning.


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